Family Suite type 2 (Zizawah)

Zizawah: Another at your choice is the Zizawah. This is the name of white beautiful fabulous one in Myanmar. Zizawah villa has three special suites ,including two large Luxurious and relaxing rooms.One takes is as a land mark of mountainous region and bring you the honey sweet smell. Once you step on Zizawah Villa, you will be welcome by traditional Myanmar way.

IMG 0965IMG 0966 MG 8713

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Junior suite (Orchid)

Orchid are often seen the flower arrangements because there are so many different type and the add color to any bouquet .Orchid suite has two large special suites, including one luxurious and relaxing room.This room type special people for special one. It’s 107sq meter.

DSC 6901DSC 6863DSC 6854

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Presidential Suite (Tharaphi)

Tharaphi: ( Calophyllum amoenum) which in the last decade of the 20th century became one of the most important medical plants in western medicine. This room has two large special suites, including one large luxurious & relaxing room, meeting room and a private own bar. It’s take 264 sq meter.

DSC 6638DSC 6736DSC 6573

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Family Suite type 1 (Sakawah)

Sakawah: It’s your real home away from your home. Sakawah villa has three special suites,including two large Luxurious and relaxing rooms.When you step to the Sakawah, you will feel yourself at home though you are away from home.It’s the right one who prefer not to stay in a place generalizing a hotel.

IMG 0961IMG 0965IMG 0966

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Junior Suite (Jasmine)

Jasmine flower , served countries and state consider jasmine as a national symbol. Jasmine junior suite has two special suites,including one luxurious and relaxing room.As well as relaxing big balcony.This is the second home. It’s take 107 sq meter.

DSC 6901DSC 6863DSC 6854

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Deluxe (Cherry)

Cherry is the another name of flower. Japanese people has to give a day for “ A flower looking day “ It’s a beautiful, comfortable and private room. There are ten luxurious rooms altogether. Each room has a sweet bed room. Private bath room, built in wardrobes for your convenience.

 MG 7603IMG 0954 MG 7697 MG 8556

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Corner Premier Suite and Premier Suite

Our hotel proudly feature 24 newly furnished and spacious rooms all with a private balcony including modern room amenities and designed with the outstanding use of traditional timber.  Rooms are large Luxurious and relaxing. It’s take 55 sq meter for Corner Premier Suite and 41 sq meter for Premier suite. 

IMG 0510P8190348P8190424

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